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Full Day (6 hours or more) $32

Half Day $25

Prepaid Packages

Day package - $186

10 Day package - $300

20 Day package - $500

Use for as many dogs in

the household as you'd like!

Packages must be used within 60 days.

Monthly Memberships

Unlimited Days $550 -(autopay on the 1st)


Daycare rules and regulations:


  • Pups must meet all of out service requirements and complete a trial day before daycare appointments can be booked. (see book a trial day page for more information

  • Daycare is by appointment only, Please select what days you would like your pup to attend daycare. Drop- in spots are limited.

  • Pups need to be dropped off by 10:30 am. We are closed from 12-3 for lunches, naptime and sensory work.

  • monthly memberships are due on the first of the month. 

  • Late Fee’s $15 if dropped off (after 10:30am) Or picked up (after 6:35pm)

  • No shows or appointments canceled within 24 hours will still be changed for the day. 

Check this out!  
you can add the following things to your pups daycare and boarding reservation!

 Shuttle $5-$10

Adventure Day $65

Stuffed Kong $10

Licking mat $5

Baths $35-$130 

(depends on size, length of hair and temperament) 

Nail trims $15 

Nail grind $20 

Meal and boarding additions 

Bone Broth ($1)

Canned food ($2)

Raw Food ($5)

CD Bella and Max ($10) 

Let us know if you have questions about any of our services!

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