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About us

Welcome to Paws Play! We provide doggy daycare, boarding, Bath and Nail services, companionship and love for your best friend. We have a fun, safe and clean play space for our pack. Our team wants your doggo the have the most fun with their doggo friends. We are conveniently located in Downtown Tacoma! Live in Northeast Tacoma or Ruston? We have a shuttle!

We organize our play groups and Paws Play day to fit each dogs needs. Keeping like minded playmates together. The littles even have their own play area! During the Paws Play days our pack gets equal parts play, mental stimulation and rest, to ensure the well being of our doggo best friends. 

The Daycare and boarding pups get to play and rest together throughout the day. There is no extra charge to have play time for boarding dogs. 

Drop-offs are from 5:30 am - 10:30 am.
Pick-ups are from 3:00pm - 6:00pm.

Daily Routine: 

Playtime begins from the moment of drop off. Between 5:30 and 12 It's a ball game. As new players come in so do more Chuckit! balls, Kong's, Jolly Balls and other fun toys come out. 

Boarding pups get their breakfast between 6:00am and 7:00am.

At noon we start lunches and naptime. All boarding dogs, Herding breeds and pups under the age of 3 get a quiet time nap in our Chill Room. With ocean waves and/or the yoga station playing they are able to calm and recharge for optimal success during the rest of their play day.

We also do our sensory work doing this time. Parents can add the following activities to their pups day or stay. Such as, stuffed Kong's, licking mats and puzzles. 

After all that fun, the pups are usually spent. For those who aren't, we will break out into like minded groups. Those who still want to play and wrestle, Our chill group and pups who know what time it is... 

Going home time is noisy! Once they have been with us for a while they know exactly what time you will be there to pick them up. One by one the pups go home. We feed our boarding and daycare pups dinner during this time as well.  
That's our day. It goes by so quickly! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Did you know we also offer adventure days and Home Boarding as well???




"Otto loves his time with the team at Paws Play! Thank you for his exhaustion when he gets back home! Well done."

-google review

 love this place! So personable and communicative! Even showed me some videos of her 1st day when I went to pick her up (which was super thoughtful, and I appreciated it). When I went to pick her up she didn't even want to get out of the car she was so tired! LOL, and that is saying A LOT because my pup is a ball of energy! 10/10 Recommended! 😊🐕our services.”

- google review

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